History Vision Mission Objective Board Of Directors

The stated purposes are

  • To Promote the entrepreneurship foe all types of frozen fishery and agricultural products.

  • To Promote the harmony and information exchange amog members.

  • To Serve as the intermediary in reaching compromises regarding conflicts that may occur
    among the members themselves or between members and outsiders.

  • To Establish regulations and mutual agreements for members to follow for smooth
    operation of the business.

  • To Encourage both in quantitative and qualitative, the business of fishery and agricultural
    products in response to the increase, demand of both domestic and international markets.

  • To Compile statistics about fishing, production, sales and export. To survey and study
    the member's opinions concerning their business for use to benefit others as a whole.

  • To Cooperate with the government sectors responsible for Thai fishery industry; for example,
    shrimp, fish, cephalopods and other agricultue\ral products.
This association has no objectives relating to politics.