Crab Council Monthly Update,ISU-EDF Panel “Financing the Future...”,Sustainability At Home


Crab Council Monthly Update
     Thank you for supporting Blue Swimming Crab sustainability with the NFI Crab Council. The Crab Council is a group of U.S. and international crab importers committed to preserving crabmeat as a quality product and robust resource.
     Crab sustainability takes work. The council is focused year-round on our fishery improvement projects, and we want you to hear about it. Please take a moment to read our monthly newsletter highlighting the Crab Council’s most recent efforts in Southeast Asia and at home. Thank you for staying current with the NFI Crab Council and keeping focused on tomorrow’s catch.

ISU-EDF Panel “Financing the Future...”
     In July, the Asia Liaison was invited to participate in a conference held by the Prince of Wales’ International Sustainability Unit (ISU) in the United Kingdom, entitled “Financing the Transition to a Sustainable Blue Economy”. This was in regard to a new report the ISU, EDF and 50in10 had published:
     The conference focused on turning our oceans health into an investment opportunity, whereas a sustainably run fishery is in fact a more profitable fishery. Because of the Crab Council’s innovative, industry-driven approach to fishery improvement, Jeremy Crawford was recognized by the conference as an authority on bridging the gap between the finance sector and fishery managers. Mr. Crawford spoke about the attractiveness of Blue Swimming Crab to investors as a small-scale, resilient fishery and demonstrated the correlations between the fitness of a fishery and the profits of a fishery. Read more on Jeremy’s

Sustainability At Home
     The Crab Council has added three new members in 2014 growing to a total membership of 18 companies. These companies (GB Aqua, Mark Foods and Sea Pearl Tradelinks Pty Ltd) represent the diverse and broad-spread interests of the Blue Swimming Crab market. Sea Pearl , based in Australia, joins the Crab Council as its first international member. GB Aqua is a hatchery feed company expanding into crab, and Mark Foods imports and sells high- end specialty items, including canned crab, from all over the world. These new members will increase council funding and further the council’s sustainability goals.

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