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Crab Council Monthly Update
     Thank you for supporting Blue Swimming Crab sustainability with the NFI Crab Council. The Crab Council is a group of U.S. and international crab importers committed to preserving crabmeat as a quality product and robust resource.
     Crab sustainability takes work. The council is focused year-round on our fishery improvement projects, and we want you to hear about it. Please take a moment to read our monthly newsletter highlighting the Crab Council’s most recent efforts in Southeast Asia and at home. Thank you for staying current with the NFI Crab Council and keeping focused on tomorrow’s catch.

Sustainability Abroad APRI
     Fishery stakeholders in Kendari, Southeast Sulawesi met on November 20th to review recommendations for target/limit reference points, harvest control rules and the MSC Pre Assessment that was sponsored by IMACS earlier in September. The meeting was in-part organized by APRI members whom are major buyers in the area. Department of Marine Fisheries at the Provincial Government have agreed to an official 10cm minimum carapace width that is in-line with the NFI Crab Council’s minimum size standard as well as a target reference point of 20% SPR. This agreement will be formalized in an official letter of appointment. Other harvest control rules still under review include modified fishing gears, closures for nursery grounds and modifications in fishing effort during spawning seasons. Also discussed were communication components that would help socialize compliance and enforcement of control rules.

     PACPI recently hosted a number of visitors including California Environmental Associates and Sustainable Seafood Research and Consulting. These groups conduct similar research on FIP focused fisheries, analyzing opportunities and barriers for sustainability within the FIP system.

     The first draft of the MSC Pre Assessment, conducted by MRAG-UK in late September, has been completed and is currently under review. Philippine stakeholders and fishery experts have provided sufficient data to start developing and revising the FIP Action Plan. The next stakeholder meeting is tentatively planned for February.

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