Crab Council Monthly Update ,Message from the Chairman ,Sustainability Abroad


Crab Council Monthly Update
     Thank you for supporting Blue Swimming Crab sustainability with the NFI Crab Council. The Crab Council is a group of U.S. and international crab importers committed to preserving crabmeat as a quality product and robust resource.
     Crab sustainability takes work. The council is focused year-round on our fishery improvement projects, and we want you to hear about it. Please take a moment to read our monthly newsletter highlighting the Crab Council’s most recent efforts in Southeast Asia and at home. Thank you for staying current with the NFI Crab Council and keeping focused on tomorrow’s catch.

Sustainability Abroad

     Asosiasi Pengelolaan Rajungan Indonesia (APRI), held an important board meeting that sought to reinvigorate participation of it’s 13 members through implementing new policies in it’s organization that included increased membership fees and repercussions for non-participation. Repercussions include fines, increased fees, usage rights of the Crab Council logo, and expulsion from the association altogether that may impede Crab Council member’s ability to source from them. An assessment of membership will begin this year. APRI Executive Director Dr. Hawis Madduppa reviewed 2014 activities of the FIP. While APRI Secretary, Bambang Nugraha (Bluestar Foods), reiterated future direction and industry leadership of the sustainability initiative that includes focus on stock assessments, gear selectivity, and finalization of a fishery management framework. For presentation documents follow the link:

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